The Stormwise Story

The Stormwise Story Map:

“Managing Forest to Keep the Power On”

Visit this story map to learn more about the relation of power outages and roadside forests in New England. Learn how the risk came about and how researchers are testing ways to mitigate that risk. See the forest management method and where it is being tested around Connecticut. A variety of maps alongside descriptive photos and graphics help to tell the story.

Thanks to Kerste Milik, a stormwise graduate student with a knack for science communications, for putting this story map together.

The Stormwise Story: A Webinar

“Manging Roadside Forests …and Keeping the Power On.”

Learn about the Stormwise story from the beginning? Our hour-long webinar features the program’s two top researchers, Dr. Jeff Ward from the Connecticut Agricultural Research Station in New Haven, CT, and Tom Worthley, Associate Professor in forestry from the University of Connecticut, sharing their story of how the program began from 2011 to the present day.

Stormwise is more than the simple pruning and trimming of roadside trees. Ongoing research will test the theory that maintaining and managing  a roadside forest using our silvicultural prescriptions will help them become storm resistant.  We’d like to thank UConn CLEAR for making this webinar possible.