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Stormwise is a forest vegetation management program with the goal of reducing the risk of tree-related storm damage to power lines. Implementing proper long-term management practices in woodlands along utility corridors will create healthy, storm resistant and aesthetically pleasing trees and forest stands. The development of Stormwise was initiated by recent catastrophic storm events in Connecticut.

Human Dimensions

Human Dimensions

Social science is an important tool for integrating the aspects of roadside tree and forest management that are important to people while also managing trees for public safety and electric power reliability.

Forest Management

Forest Management

Tackling the challenge of maintaining the aesthetic appeal of forested Connecticut byways while reducing the potential of tree-caused damage to the utility infrastructure during severe storms.

Remote Sensing

Remote Sensing

Providing accurate 3D measurements of the landscape, such as tree heights and stand density.

tree biomechanics

Tree Biomechanics

Measuring changes in tree sway dynamics with the intent to evaluate and improve the resiliency of the forest edge in storm-force winds.

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