New England Society of American Foresters Annual Winter Meeting, Nashua NH, March 27-29

Several Uconn forestry folks attended this years winter meeting. Our research posters, detailing various aspects of the Stormwise project, took up a good portion of the display area. They included:
      Extending the Value of Urban Trees, Presented by Tom Worthley and authored by Naieem Kelly, a high school student in Hartford who participated in the Natural Resources Conservation Academy. He was assisted in the project by Heather Dionne, Hartford City Forester, and Herb Virgo of the Keney Park Sustainability Project. The project addressed recovering wood products when an urban tree dies or needs to be removed, which can help to extend the trees’ aesthetics, utility and the values associated with carbon sequestration.
      Dynamic Properties of Trees in the Roadside Forests of Southern New England. Authors: Amanda Bunce, John C. Volin, David R. Miller, Jason Parent, Thomas Worthley, Mark Rudnicki.
      Benefits, Costs, and Decision-Making in the Residential Forest. Authors: Kloster, DP, AT Morzillo, JC Volin, B Butler, A Deener, T Worthley
      Assessing the Effectiveness of Enhanced Tree Trimming in Connecticut. Authors: Jason Parent, Tom Worthley, John Volin, Bob Fahey, Chandi Witharana.
       The Impact of Forest Management on Understory Edge Effects in Roadside Forest. Authors: Julia Rogers, Robert Fahey, John C. Volin, Tom Worthley

Our very own Tom Worthley took home the distinguished Earnest M. Gould Jr. Technology Transfer Award for his outstanding contributions to natural resources science and management though education, extension and youth service. Tom has been with Uconn Extension for 20 years and has taught and presented literally thousands of workshops, seminars, lectures, etc., to forester, loggers, scientists, students, landowners, land managers, really everyone. He is an inspiration and a vital player in bringing our research beyond of academia, never letting the researchers forget that “when the drones have been flown and the statistics have been analyzed… something has to done on the ground!”

For the first time ever, Uconn fielded a team for the NESAF Annual Student Quiz Bowl! Let’s hear it for Julia, Nick and Dave!! The team spent the day doing last minute quizzing in the hallway with Tom until they couldn’t hold the latin names of any more insects in their brains. At 5 pm, 6 teams gathered for the event. Uconn’s first round would be against the formidable team from Paul Smiths out of New York. The UConn team pulled together an impressive round, hitting those buzzers like it was their jobs, but Paul Smith’s went on to face UVM in the final round, where UVM took the trophy. We’ll get it next year for sure!